Re: Proppidium Iodide

From:Wilhelm Mosgoeller

Dear Jenny

Propidium Iodide (PI) can be used easily on paraffin sections  to stain nuclei
and RNA, in our lab the problem is rather overstaining than no stain.
We usually start with a stock solution, which is 1 mg/ml, dilute this 1:2000
for the working solution, and incubate it five minutes at room temperature for
a start. You may find that your material needs slightly modified conditions
depending on section thickness and other fluorochromes on the section. The
(PI) staining even survives ethanol, xylene and embedding.

best regards
Wilhelm Mosgoeller

Jenny Molde wrote:

> Does anybody know if the Fluorescent nuclear stain propidium Iodide can be
> used on formalin fixed tissue or not?
> Many Thanks
> Jenny

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