gross tissue dyes

From:"Brennan, Liam" <>

Alex Nader wrote:

> We recently changed our dyes to Hauptner's ink for tattooing cattle and
> sheep ( with very good results. As their dyes are on a
> gel-like basis they are much easier to apply and after 1-2 min drying they
> do not wash out. They are also very cheap, 75 ml are about 7.50 Euro.
> Alexander Nader
> Vienna
Alex- or anyone else reading this that can help. I have visited the hauptner
web site but unfortunately it is all in german and beyond my few humble
words in that tongue. If you could send me details of the colours of the
inks and their corresponding catalogue numbers I would be most grateful.

Many thanks			Liam Brennan
				Histopathology Dept.
				Belfast City Hospital 

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