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<< Does anyone know if American Optical is still in business and if so what
 their contact number is?

A few years ago American Optical was acquired by Leica.  Bausch & Lomb, 
Cambidge Instruments, Reichert-Jung, Leitz and Wild products are similarly 
now part of Leica.  

If you need information on a particular instrument or product, you might be 
able to get the info through Leica Microsystems' Customer Service number at 

A lot of the older AO products are now serviced and supported through a 
network of third-party service providers, and your local Leica rep or 
regional dealer can probably put you in touch with someone in your area.  If 
you have problems, just drop me a message.  

Good luck!


Bob Chiovetti
GTI Microsystems
Leica Exclusive Regional Dealer
Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas U.S.A.
1-877-968-1930 Toll-Free in the U.S.A.

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