Re: mercury or zinc removal

From:Rena Fail <>


          Years ago I used .5% alcoholic iodine(0.5gms Iodine in 100mls of 
80% ethanol) to remove mercuric chloride crystals from Zenker's fixed bone 
marrow.Deparaffinize in xylene, 100% ethanol, place in  0.5% Alcoholic 
iodine for 10 minutes, 100% ethanol, 2 changes of 95% until iodine is 
removed. Rinse in distilled water. I am sorry, I was unable to locate the 

Rena Fail AS,HT(ASCP)
MUSC, Charleston, SC

At 02:52 PM 12/1/00 -0600, you wrote:
>I was just told about a process of removing mercury or zinc from tissue by 
>using xylene with a few crystals of iodine in it.  This is supposed to be 
>helpful with IHC staining, eliminating the use of 0.5% sodium 
>thiosulfate.  I was wondering if anyone does this, or has tried it and can 
>tell me how it works?  Thank you

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