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I have been reading with interest the subject of the use of scalpels and a
OSHA regulation regarding scalpels and blades in the pathology lab.     Can
someone point me in the direction of finding this regulation?   I was
unaware of such an issue.
Hazel Horn

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> We just went through the routine of writing an exception report for OSHA.
> Each pathologists had to evaluate and document the scalpels available. -
> All
> very small and not workable.  Then I wrote and exception report to have on
> hand so the inspectors would know we did our due diligence.  Since there
> is
> nothing out there that works this is supposed to do the trick.
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> 		Rick Viprino at St Joseph Medical Center in Reading,
> Pennsylviania asks:
> 		>>Does anyone have any suggestions for complying with OSHA
> regulations 
> 		concerning the sharps issue (scalpels and blades) in the
> pathology lab? Are 
> 		there any safety scalpels that are recommended more than
> others for pathology 
> 		labs?<<
> 		Uh-oh - do the Herrn Inspektors now prescribe dull blades
> for pathologists? - 
> 		Back to the old single-edge safety razor blades, I guess.
> 		Indeed, there are blades with rounded ends made for
> pathologists. I've used 
> 		them a time or two and they're an abomination. Next thing
> they'll want us 
> 		using dull-ended kindergarten style scissors.
> 		One of the biggest hazards of disposable blades is taking
> them off the blade 
> 		handles when they get dull. Whatever Lipshaw is called this
> week used to have 
> 		a $7 widget that greatly facilitated this process. I had one
> of them for a 
> 		while but left it with a client in my travels.
> 		Bob Richmond
> 		Samurai Pathologist (still with a sharp blade)
> 		Knoxville TN

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