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You have my permission to use my responses to histonet questions for the
Hard Times NL.  My expertise is in areas of GMA embedding, IHC for bone and
cartilage markers, Bone Morphogenic Proteins and other growth factors, and
bone histomorphometry.
Patsy Ruegg

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		Sent:	Saturday, November 18, 2000 6:57 PM
		Subject:	Permission

		Hello Gayle, Patsy, Donna, John, Joseph and Bob,

		Please allow me to introduce myself to those of you who do
not know me.  My 
		name is Hermina Borgerink and I am the new Editor of the
Hard Times 
		newsletter.  For the past several months I have been
monitoring the Histonet 
		for any and all hard tissue related questions and answers.
Your names 
		frequently appear with the answers.  I would like to ask
your permission to 
		use some of those questions with answers for future
newsletters.  Vicki 
		Kalscheur who will be replacing Linda Jenkins as Hard Tissue
Chair, also 
		thought we might try doing a specific topic for each
newsletter, for example 
		an issue dedicated to 'cartilage'.   I have worked with both
mineralized and 
		demineralized bone, but do not have the experience all of
you have, and 
		certainly not collectively.  I am hoping I might contact you
for direct 
		contributions on such a particular topic should the occasion
arise.  Thanking 
		you in advance,

		Sincerely,  Hermina

		Hermina Borgerink
		Wake Forest University Medical School
		Department of Pathology
		Winston-Salem, NC 
		tel. (336) 716-1538
		fax (336) 716-1515

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