RE: gross tissue dyes

From:"Nader, Alexander" <>

> Subject: gross tissue dyes

> > We recently changed our dyes to Hauptner's ink for 
> tattooing cattle and
> > sheep ( with very good results. As their 
> dyes are on a

> Alex- or anyone else reading this that can help. I have 
> visited the hauptner
> web site but unfortunately it is all in german and beyond my 

the can be reached by mailto://, but  can roughly
translate it to you:

Tatooing paste (~150g)

black Cat-#:71492
white Cat-#:71491
green Cat-#:71493

Tatooing ink, liquid, 1 litre

black Cat-#:71858
green on request

also they have tatooing ink for veterinarian use (EC-conform) in blue, red,
brown on request. (that's for the nice stamps on meat saying that nobody
ever will get CJDv-infected...)

I tried the tatooing paste which is a real nice tool for whole mount
prostates, ABBI's,... but we ordered also the ink and want to test it soon.

I would also try to ask a veterinarian in Belfast, as I remember there are a
lot of sheep 'round there.


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