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From:HistoHacker <>

I'm moving to FL!  

In Nashville (TN), the range for an HTL (bench tech)at
our university hospital is $13.10 to about $20/hour. 
Real estate and rent here are relatively high and our
sales tax is 8.25% (no local income tax).
There are many salary calculators on the 'net, here's
the one I use to translate salary equivalents:

--- Michael Rice <> wrote:
> As most have you have seen by now there is a large
> range of salaries around the country. Is it supply
> and demand or lack of a national standard for techs,
> However since I  started this, let me tell you what
> I know about salaries in South Florida(Miami-Ft
> Lauderdale):
> Florida has a licensing law for histotechs. Ther are
> three categories, technician, technologist and
> supervisor, up until this month a license could only
> be obtained through exam, this has now changed and
> there is no longer an exam, bur ASCP and years of
> experience are being used in its place. 
> With that in mind as well as suplly and demand and
> the fact that you can only work here with a license
> lets get to salaries
> A technician (can not do IHC)  $16-18 per hour
> Technologist-$18-22 based on experience and
> desperation
> supervisors $ 24- 28 depending on size of
> institution or reference lab and a shortage of
> supervisors.
> Most places here are now giving sign on and
> retention bonuses from $2000 to $5000 .
> Just to let you know I am looking for two
> individuals to fill current openings
> I hope this mini survey will help all of you, keep
> the replies coming
> Mike

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