Re: Quality control for formalin

From:Barbara Stancel <>

Rae Ann,  Careful when you the company first.  I ordered a kit 
which advertised it would check the conc. of formaldehyde and all I got was 
a container of pH test strips!  I was sorely disappointed.  But if you find 
a real kit to make these measurements, I want one too!

Barbara Stancel
USDA, FSIS, Eastern Lab
Athens, Georgia

>From: Rae Ann Staskiewicz <>
>To: Histonet <>
>Subject: Quality control for formalin
>Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 11:46:33 -0600
>Hope someone can help me out. I think I saw a product that checks the
>concentration of formaldehyde and the pH in formalin made from
>concentrate or scratch. What supplier has this "test kit"?
>Rae Ann Staskiewicz
>Galesburg Animal Disease Lab
>Galesburg, IL

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