Rabbit Eye Retinal Detachment

From:Joyce Wilson <jwilson@mail.mcg.edu>

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have experience with processing rabbit eyes without retinal detachment occuring?
I'm am trying to get paraffin embedded sections of albino rabbit eyes for immunohistochemistry.
The cornea, lens, vitreous fluid and pupil were removed after the eyes were fixed for 15 mins. in 10% NBF and then the eyes were allowed to fix for 48-72 hrs. longer.  I processed them automatically and manually using the following schedule for an hour in each solution: 70% ETOH (2 X), 95% ETOH (2X)
100% ETOH (2 X), Xylene (2 X), Paraffin (2 X w/o vacuum, 1X with vacuum).  In each case the retina 
still detached.  Retinal attachment  is critical because I want to stain for RPE which usually detaches when the retina does.  

Thanks in advance for all help.

Joyce Wilson
Research Assistant 
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, Ga. 30912 

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