Re: Information on cutting hard tissues

From:Tracey Gunn <>

Jeffrey Crews wrote:

>Well, I can't find the exact recipe, although I have it somewhere. There
>is a "nail softening solution" good for nails and hooves that you can
>make. I know that it has TWEEN 80 in it.  With that reminder, can someone
>else dig it up?  I believe that it was in a basic dermatopath info
>package that I got at a seminar.

I have used a nail softening solution before, although it may seem a bit
unorthodox.  It is commercial hair removal cream!  I have used the Nair
brand before with good results.  It can be applied to the course-trimmed
paraffin block for half an hour, or the specimen can be placed in it before
processing (although care must be taken that the specimen does not dissolve
completely).  I have not used it for sections used for IHC, so I'm not sure
if it effects antigenicity.  I also haven't used it on specimens as large
as hooves, but maybe it's worth a try!

Tracey Gunn
Histology Service Unit
Pathology Department
Otago University
New Zealand

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