RE: Paraffin Block preparation from Cultured Cells

From:"C.M. vander Loos" <>

Carry wrote:

>Hello!  I am attempting to make paraffin blocks of cultured cells and our
>pathologist has noted that the cell density is not good enough, so I am
>asking for tips/ protocols that anyone may be using.
>I start with at least 6 million cells, pellet them in a 15 ml centrifuge
>tube, pour off media and add a couple drops of warm 3% Eosin/Agar and vortex
>to mix.  The cells are immediately chilled on ice and the agar cell pellet
>is fixed in Formalin and processed on a short cycle on an automated
>processor.  At this time, we embed the entire processed pellet, but we are
>trying to core a paraffin block and insert a cored agar pellet with no
>Any tips out there?


Dear Carry,

Have a look at HMJ Kerstens et al. Agarcyto: a novel cell-processing method
for multiple molecular diagnostic analysis of the uterine cervix. J
Histochem Cytochem (2000) 48:709-718. Although they are working with agar
as well, you may find some additional tips there and his e-mail address.
Good luck.


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