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Date:Thu, 27 May 1999 10:47:48 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

I have been using the BioQuant system by R&M Biometrics for years and I love
it!  It is a true color system so it really does't matter what your chromagen
is.  I'm using the Windows 98 version (upgraded a few months ago).  I use it
for cell proliferation studies, area analysis, density and bone morphology.  It
has even more functions that I do not use at this time (but ya never know). It
is an open system in that the user can configure the system his/her own needs. 
Please note that I have NO affiliation with this company, I just LOVE their

Their number is 800-221-0549.  They also have a web site but I lost my bookmark
file so I don't have it handy at this time.

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> Dear Histonetters,
> I am intested in performing image analysis using a better system than the 
> one I use now, which is an old CAS 200.  My chromagen is DAB and my 
> counterstain is methyl green, the two stains the CAS 200 systems best 
> detects.  Are fluorescent analysis systems better?  Could I do surface 
> area measurements with a more advanced system?  I would like to quantify 
> staining with  less variability than I get now.  My standard deviations per
> experiment are very high.
> Thanks in advance for your advice!
> Claire Boccia
> Weill Medical College
> New York, New York 

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