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Date:Tue, 25 May 1999 17:40:44 +1000
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Dear Margaret,
you will find recipes particularly in the older English and Canadian Histo
textbooks such as Carleton ,Culling and others. If you can't be hassled with
making up the 5% Gelatin solution , dichromate etc. let me assure you that
only bucket chemistry is required and you will avoid the unnecessary risk of
breeding your own fungal hyphae and bacteria if you use dry ingredients
instead. viz. into your floatation bath add a pinch each of gelatin (The
cooking sachets are easiest to handle) and Potassium Dichromate, then mix
well:- will last all day.
If you use too much gelatin, you will get background take up of
Haematoxylin, so with experience you will learn how much is too much; or
alternatively you can remove the background using a regressive staining
Make sure you rinse out the floatation bath at the end of the day or you
will develope scale in the bath.
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Date: Tuesday, 25 May 1999 12:38
Subject: Chrome Alum Gelatin

>     Does anyone have or know a source for the recipe for Chrome Alum
>     Gelatin?  My tech would like to know and does not have a reference for
>     this.
>     Margaret Richardson

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