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From:"Carpenter, Judith A." <>
To:"'Kelli Dijak'" <>, HistoNet Server <>
Date:Thu, 20 May 1999 06:27:15 -0400

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> So, now that I know there are a couple of you out there who have Sunquest,
> I
> have some questions.  Are you all happy with it?  Jude Carpenter, thanks
> for
> your reply.  You said you are switching to CoPath.  Why is this?
> [Carpenter, Judith A.]   Kelli, it's my understanding that Sunquest will
> no longer support the AP division with upgrades, maintenance, etc. and
> Sunquest will work with Dynamic to implement the CoPAth system for AP
> while our clinical lab will stay on Sunquest.    There has
> been some question for us as to why we do not have this.  Also, I heard
> from
> Cynthia Deriso, thanks as well.  Do either of you use Sno-Med?  I would
> like
> to start using this.  Currently, we do not encode at all, and we are
> forced
> to do many look-ups manually.  It is really a pain.  I am trying to create
> a
> more user-friendly environment between the computer and my techs.  Right
> now, we are very limited on what we can use Sunquest for because we just
> do
> not know how.
> Kelli Dijak, MPA, SCT(ASCP) HT
> Supervisor, Anatomic Pathology Department
> The Community Hospital
> Munster, IN

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