RE: IgG vs IgM and Signet ultrastreptavidin

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From:"Nocito, Joseph" <>
To:"'Terrett, Barb'" <>, "''" <>
Date:Mon, 31 May 1999 09:51:21 -0500

I have used the Signet USA kit and have had good results even with
antibodies like CD-15 (IgM class)

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> Subject:	IgG vs IgM and Signet ultrastreptavidin
> Good morning histonetters!
> I have a question for anyone using the Signet Ultra Streptavidin detection
> system reagents. Most of the Ab's we use are of the IgG chain composition,
> however, a few are of the IgM chain composition e.g. CD15 and sarcomeric
> actin. Right now we use a separate link for the IgM Ab's, but I was
> wondering if the signet link is o.k. to use with the IgM Ab's. This would
> safe some hassle. Does anyone have experience with this, or suitable
> references?
> Thanks for your time
> ttfn b :)

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