carbowax embedding

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From:"Karen D. Larison" <>
Date:Wed, 12 May 1999 11:02:31 -0800


One of the PI's is thinking about doing some carbowax embedding for IHC.  What are 
the advantages and disadvantages of this method over frozen and paraffin sections?  
Should I encourage or discourage him from pursuing this.  We've tried frozen 
sections, and one thing that seems to "unmask"  the antigen is to put the dry 
slides in a microwave for a few seconds with a large beaker of water to diffuse 
the energy.  Seems to me that he needs to try some different fixations or maybe 
paraffin embedding.  Unfortunately, he's writing a grant, so is under the gun to 
get some results.  Any and all opinions on this problem are welcome.


Karen Larison  -- University of Oregon

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