Re: prefilled formalin

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Date:Thu, 06 May 99 09:44:55 EST

     Our lab uses prefilles formalin containers. We used to make up the 
     containers ourselves but once our outreach and outpatient clinic 
     volumes increased the amount of tech time we were wasting just making 
     up the containers to send out became ridiculous so we opted for the 
     prefills. We have not found the cost to be prohibitive. 
     Have a great day :)
       Vicki Gauch
       Albany Medical Center

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Subject: prefilled formalin
Author: (Alan Siwel) at Internet-Mail
Date:    5/5/99 10:27 PM

Does everyone use prefilled formalin containers or do just doctor's 
offices use them?  My supervisor wants to know if most people use them 
and is it cheaper to buy already prefilled formalin than to have a fte 
or pte spend time making up the formalin and filling the containers.  

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