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Date:Mon, 03 May 1999 20:24:25 -0400
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To clarify certification vs. licensure:

All lab techs who pass an ASCP exam are "certified" by ASCP. 
This includes cytotechnologists, histologic technicians, 
histotechnologists, medical technologists, medical laboratory 
technicians, and a lot of specialties.

States issue "licenses". In most states, you do not have
to have a license from that state to work as a lab tech in
that state. There are a few exceptions. Some states that
do require a license may recognize the ASCP certification
exam, while other states have their own certification exam
or their own method of licensure. This is dependent upon
how that state's legislature and/or committees set up
the licensure.

It is possible, within a state, that one type of lab tech is
required to be licensed, such as a med tech, while another 
type of lab tech does not have to be licensed, such as histotech.
But again, that depends upon the state legislature and which
groups they decide to legislate.

As for ASCP's certification, once you are ASCP certified, you
are certified for life. Even if you never work in the field
again. Even if the application requirements change.

The yearly testing of cytotechs and med techs is required
by CLIA '88, and in some instances, by CAP (for CAP accredited
labs). Histology techs/labs are not required by either
CLIA or CAP to show yearly proficiency. (This is an ENTIRELY
different discussion, which will be skipped in this


Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073 wrote:
> Histonians,
>    I'm not crazy about the A.S. requirement. Maybe the problem is with the
> fact that we receive a certificate, not a license from the ASCP. If we had a
> license, as Cytologist do, we too would be tested yearly for our ability and
> knowledge. I think that would be much better.
>    I'm getting tired of the rules changing in an effort to weed out bad
> employees. At 45 years with 4 kids, I don't like the idea of starting all
> over again in school to satisfy the latest requirement. If you'd like to test
> my histological abilities yearly, fine! But please don't tell me I need to go
> to night school, pay for it by myself, take vacation time for chem. classes
> only offered during the day, only to find that there will be a new
> requirement down the road.
>    If you don't do your job well.....  you're retrained or you're let go.
> Respectfully
> Bruce Gapinski

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