Lack of articles in Laboratory Medicine

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Date:Tue, 4 May 1999 20:12:09 EDT
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These are interesting points we've all raised about the lack of relevant 
material and lack of benefit we perceive to histotechs from the ASCP. In our 
laboratory, the med techs also feel they get very little for their ASCP dues 
(if indeed they still pay them) other than a magazine that's "sometimes 
interesting". I'm the education coordinator for our lab and frankly not that 
many of our med techs still pay their ASCP dues, and even fewer belong to 
their state association. Several of our med techs prefer to spend their money 
on continuing education to maintain their other certifications, rather than 
to just get a magazine. Again, we are very lucky that we have each other on 
Histonet and in the NSH, and that our programs are so good. No, this isn't 
NSH vs ASCP, just pointing out that we as histotechs aren't the only ones who 
question the usefulness of renewing that ASCP registration every year.

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