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Date:Tue, 4 May 1999 19:17:41 EDT
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I have an A.A.S in histology.  I went to SUNY Cobleskill in N.Y.  I took the 
basic college courses and courses that specialized in histology.  I took 
anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology, microtechniques, etc.  I 
learned how to embed, cut, stain (both routine and specials),  prepare 
stains,  and how to identify tissues under the scope.  I may not have cut as 
fast as veterans but once I did my clinical and worked in the real world, my 
speed increased.  We had to apply what we read from the text books right in 
labs.  Our clinicals were to get us used to a hospital setting.  I have no 
complaints about my education.  I have heard of other programs though that 
you don't start doing any hands on histology.  I don't think that learnig how 
to cut , stain, embed, etc. , in your clinical is the best route.   I guess 
that  is enough of my two cents!!!  thank 

Ellen Jacobson

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