Calling listening Aussies.

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Date:Wed, 5 May 1999 08:51:38 GMT0BST
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I'm after information from our antipodean cousins.

What is the position regards the cut-up in Aus?
Who does it?
What governs who does it?
Presumably the Aust (?Royal) College of Pathologists set working 
Any answers by the endof this week would be EXTREMELY helpful.
As a bit of an aside, Professor Cooke (Sydney) asked me for an 
article on the cut-up following some things I had published in the 
UK.  I sent him an article and heard no more.  Does anyone there see 
their Bulletin or is there also an Assoc of Clin Pathologists akin to 
that in the UK?  MY my contribution have been published in that?

Now for our US cousins:-
Please can someone let me have an outline (brief if possible) of PA's 
Pathologists Assistants salaries?  Particularly interested in cut-up 

Many thanks (it's a bit like going into the bank and making a 
withdrawal when you ask the histonet community for advice. Super!)

Russ Allison, Wales

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