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From:"Amos Brooks"

     If you look into the archives, you'll see I have ranted against using
alternative fixatives in the past. So it may be a bit of a shock to see me
recommending one. I still maintain the need for formalin as a routine
clinical fixative, but for research the same rules don't necessarily apply.
Obviously it is important to understand that the results do not necessarily
compare to that of FFPE tissues.
     That said, Streck fixative works BEAUTIFULLY especially on mouse lungs.
The tissues are well preserved, stain nicely in H&E and have performed well
in most IHC that I have seen. Unfortunately I am not sure where to get this
anymore. I think the company was either bought out or just closed down. If
anyone knows if some company bought out this patent I would really like to
know about it.
     I guess it isn't very helpful recommending a fixative that may not even
be on the market anymore, but it works well ... for what it's worth.

Good luck,
Amos Brooks

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Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 11:12:43 -0400
From: stephanie.d.rivera@gsk.com
Subject: [Histonet] Formalin alternative fixative for rodent and large
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Hello histoworld,

Does anyone have any suggestions for altenative fixative to formalin? I
still need to maintain quality of IHC and H&E stain and morphology. I've
come across Prefer and Notoxhisto. Are there any others for animal tissue
that anyone have tried?
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