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From:Rene J Buesa

  All those "collateral" payments you mention, as true as they are, are YOUR cost for doing business and they require that YOU try to exchange all of them for a high productivity level in order to "receive" a certain work amount for the salary component of your costs (that is, at least 70% of your production costs).
  All those things are true and become the incentives for some employees to work on some companies and avoid others.
  Having said and acknowledging all that, they have NOTHING to do with the NET payment your employees receive and that have to be used to pay for rent/mortgage, food, gasoline and all the other things that have to come out of the NET "leftover" of their GROSS salary (and remember that the $25/hour you mention is GROSS salary) so, yes additional benefits are important, but the net amount received as work payment are more "meaningful" from the practical point of view.
  René J.

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