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To cut precisely oriented slices of rodent brains, use a brain 
matrix.  These can be purchased as either plastic or metal matrix.  Go to 
this website,, and click on brain matrices.  The brain 
fits into the well of matrix in a specific way, so the front part of the 
brain fits in the depression for that portion of the brain.  After that, 
you can do precise slices with a thin sharp blade.   There are also rodent 
brain atlases on internet to show you orientations and some beautifully 
stained sections.  There are more suppliers of these available.

The slices are then embedded flat to maintain a labeled sequence of the 
slices.  ) At 12:42 PM 5/28/2007, you wrote:

>Hello All.
>  I am a student and I have problems whith rat brain paraffin embedding. 
> To do good slices was very difficult.
>I tried to find protocols, but anywhere is  wrote that brains were 
>dehydrated throught a graded series of ethanol, clear in xylene and 
>embedded according standard protocol.
>If anyone else has experience with rat brain paraffin embedding,could you send
>If it is not so difficult could you send fotos or just whrite how to make 
>slices 1-2mm thick in order to orientation in atlas, and how brains embedded.
>Dmitriy Lanshakov
>Novosibirsk State University
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