Re: [Histonet] Need help from Imaging Experts

From:Bruce Webber

Hi Sharon,

I agree with Phil - PICT is a lossless image format (capable of
containing lossless raster as well as vector data) and would be your
best bet to retain maximum image information.  However, PICT is also a
format primarily for Macs and is slowly becoming redundant.  To avoid
incompatibility issues in the future, I would recommend using graphics
software to convert them to an EPS file (if you have inserted vector
objects onto your frame captures -e.g. an arrow) or TIFF file (if it is
just the single video frame unedited) for long-term archiving.  You can
then use these archived originals to create smaller (lossy) JPG files
for email distribution or web posting.

I would suggest reading the following page (and the links it contains)
for information on various image file formats:

Cheers, Bruce

On 16/05/2007 18:05, Bledsoe, Sharon B wrote:
> Here is my problem:  I can only use Mac iMovie to edit my digital
> video.  I can not do this on a PC. ONLY iMovie.  To save a single
> frame from the video, my choices are either PICT or JPEG format.
> My Question is: To save an origianl image, which is the best format,
> I'm not interested in hearing about Tiffs, BMPs or any other format as
> that is not one of my choices.
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