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Dear All:

If anyone out there with some leadership experience is interested in
working for an international pharmaceutical company, I have two openings
to get in above the ground floor.

The positions still entail some cutting, embedding and staining, but your
work will be mainly to direct the histologists below you and to provide
direction to the pathologists and scientists working with you, on the best
path through the range of histology procedures available. Create, document
and complete these tasks in compliance with all regulatory bodies

If you are interested in finding out more about this position, please
contact me.

Yours truly,

Anthony Williams HT (ASCP)
Histotech Exchange LLC
19 Whitmore St.
Lexington, VA 24450
T 1 877 464 8911
F 1 540 301 0071

 I have been in clinical histotechnology for over 10 years now and made the
> switch to research 2 years ago at Northwestern University Feinburg School
> of Medicine. I absolutely agree with Sharon, Linda and Gayle. There are so
> many great things I get to do that just would not happen in the clinical
> setting. The mouse tissue presented some challenges. I figured as a 10
> year  certified tech I should be able to figure this out myself for
> godness sake. Most things from human clinical tissue translated, some did
> not. I had to do some networking and ask questions on the Histonet. Some
> of the things that I am now doing and hadn't done before are: Fruit flies
> (softening chitin); aspects of types of mouse tissue (brain, testes, and
> 11.5 - 14 dpc embryos); in situ for RNA (making all my own reagents and
> buffers rnase free - intro to DEPC water :-); dealing with new untested
> antibodies (quite a bit different than the tried and true clinical ab);
> freezing protocols for fixed frozens and fresh mouse tissue (especially
> brain, testes, embryos, lung); Mouse perfusion. I have been this awsome
> clinical tech and boy do I still have a lot to learn. It was unsettling at
> first. I love my research position at Northwestern. In two years I have
> expanded my knowledge faster than I ever would have in the clinical grind.
> It really has made me a more valuable tech.
> Donna
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