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45 years ago (coming this July 18th) when I began training (I was 2 at the
time :) ), it was in the basement of the hospital in the animal room where
they used to keep the rabbits for the pregnancy tests, no windows, not much
ventilation if any, and we dried our slides with a hair dryer (yes they had
those back then) and we stored all the specimens in jars of formalin in the
closet next to that room, so now you know why I am defective, or is it just
fixed.  Xylene fumes, I can't smell anymore and my liver enzymes run high,
not me.  Oh well that could be from the wine consumption.  My salary at that
time would not buy groceries today for a week and gas is out of the
question.  Call me an antique, not old.

Shirley Powell 

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Back in '71, when I was a student, we were in 1 room with 2 windows on the
same side of the building so there was no cross venilation.  The box fan was
propped up in the window in front of the docs when they grossed blowing out,
winter or summer. I still remember going home so "high"
from the xylene fumes that it took about 30 minutes to come around. 
Never remembered driving home and if I ever went through a red light or
not!!!  Some guardian angel, huh!!

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