[Histonet] Cryopreservation dry ice vs LN2 isopentane

From:Jamie E Erickson

Hello histonetters,
                                      I am hoping that someone out there 
can help me with a cryopreservation dilemma. I am in a research pathology 
lab and we have two schools of cryopreservation here, some researchers use 
dry ice isopentane and others use liquid nitrogen isopentane. I have heard 
that LN2 is faster with less ice crystal  formation  and I think this is a 
better way to freeze but I need to convince the dry ice people to use LN2. 
Does anyone have papers that will support my fight for one standard way of 
freezing. Any thoughts or help with literature would be great. We freezing 
mouse and rat  tissues for IHC and LCM (laser capture microdissection ).


Jamie Erickson
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Abbott Bioresearch Center
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Worcester, MA 01605-4341
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