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My husband is a corporate safety guru for Motorola, OSHA certified and all 
that junk.  He tells me that the organization (in your case the hospital) 
is still liable for ensuring that contractors (the pathologists and their 
staff) follow appropriate safety rules and regs.  It all depends on their 
contract - which we can only assume states that they WILL agree to follow 
established safety guidelines (to protect the hospital from liability 
lawsuits).  In most cases, if they are not abiding by the conditions of 
their contract, the contract can be terminated.  If I don't wear my safety 
glasses in the lab, MY boss's butt is on the line if one of his superiors 
sees me violating established rules.  If you are in charge of this lab and 
enforcing safety guidelines, you are probably responsible for making sure 
everyone in your lab follows the rules.   If this is the case, you should 
document their refusal, and go up the line until you find someone who has 
more clout, (such as the hospital safety officer or risk management) and 
document everyone you speak to regarding this issue.   What kind of safety 
infractions are we talking about?

Jacqueline M. O'Connor HT(ASCP)
Abbott Laboratories
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05/13/2004 08:09 AM

        Subject:        [Histonet] Safety regs/Pathologists

Can anyone out there help me with what to do when the pathologists and 
staff (not paid by the hospital) will not follow safety regulations.
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