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If you are a CAP Inspected lab, there is a requirement that all staff (even
contract staff) are required to follow proper safety
regulations/requirements. I'm sure that your hospital must have some safety
regulations in place, also. If we do not follow the safety procedures, we
are subject to dismissal. I strongly suggest that your lab manager get
involved in this and get guidance from the hospital safety officer (or
appropriate title). I'm sure that there are OSHA regulations also. I work in
a military hospital so we have a lot of safety rules that are imposed on us
by the Army, but I would think that any hospital would have mandatory safety
procedures/rules in place and if they are not followed, then the individual
is subject to discipline and/or dismissal.


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Can anyone out there help me with what to do when the pathologists and their

staff (not paid by the hospital) will not follow safety regulations.
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