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I worked in a derm lab for a few years, and it seemed best to embed the 
skins on a slight angle to the mold, so that when you cut through the soft 
tissue first, your knife wasn't hitting a straight line of (sometimes) 
hard epidermis.  Also, if you cut through the epidermis first, there is a 
tendency to damage the knife edge, or drag hard particles through the soft 
tissue,  creating scratch artifacts in your section. 
Jackie O'
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05/21/2004 08:46 AM

        Subject:        [Histonet] Embedding

I have a question for all of the derm and hard tissue people out there. 
do you embed the sections?  Do you cut the dense or hard tissue first or 
- or do you embed at an angle?  One individual is questioning the answer 
in the study guide and so far I have different answers from those I have 


Freida Carson
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