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I'm sorry... DR. Blank.

I'm sure you're a very knowledeable physician, but I'm wondering who is
really on the "power trip" here? The regulations are posted for everyone
in the hopes of creating the safest environment possible, again, for
everyone. You seem to think that the rules shouldn't apply to you
because of your vast experience and "demand the right to
decide...without interference..."

If you are dissatisfied with the industry regulations or hospital
laboratory policy, is there not a committee or forum to which you can
air your complaints? Maybe you could get together with colleagues that
share your views and form your own advisory panel. Gosh, with all of
your experience, I'm sure it would be a humdinger.

I think you owe Mr. Henwood an apology.

Todd Sherman

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|>Can anyone out there help me with what to do when the pathologists and
|>staff (not paid by the hospital) will not follow safety regulations

As a Pathologist and Physician, I try to never let regulations get in
the way of my caring for patients. With 12 years of intensive
education after high school and several decades of experience I
claim, nay, demand the right to decide how to behave in a clinical
setting for myself without interference of bureaucrats or


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At 11:13 AM +1000 5/14/04, Tony Henwood wrote:
|>I can't give you some examples of reg violations because:
|>1 My pathologists (and scientific & Technical staff) aren't allowed to
|>break Regs.
This sounds like a power trip to me.

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