undecalcified bone/aquamount mess!

From:Joey Shepherd

I have some immunohistochemically stained sections of undecalcified 
joints which have cracked horribly over the last 1-2 years - they 
were fine when I did them! the sections are frozen in a block of 
wallpaper paste (carboxy methyl cellulose) and I thing it's this 
which has dried out and cracked. The trouble is I can't get the 
coverslips off (if i remember rightly, I used Gurr aquamount from 
BDH) to try to fix the sections by some sort of rehydration. Does 
anyone have any idea if a) it is the paste that's cracked, b) how to 
get the coverslips off without pulling off the sectoions and c) how 
best to rehydrate/re-slip the slides? Any help would be most 
appreciated since (as with all specimens) these are precious and I'm 
kicking myself for not get images of them when I first did them! 
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