Re: Alternative to Vectashield

From:Geoff McAuliffe

Go to John Kiernan's website, I think he has seveal formulae for 
homemade, anti-fade mounting media. Hey, that rhymes! Homemade, 
anti-fade, homemade, anti-fade, ......


Matt McElwee wrote:

>Hello histonetters.  
>We're doing a lot of fluorescent staining on 40 micron, perfusion
>fixed, vibrating microtome cut, mouse brain sections.  We're using FITC,
>Rhodamine Red-X, and Cy5 conjugated secondary antibodies.  The IHC is
>going pretty well, but we are going through a lot of Vectashield
>mounting medium from Vector Labs.  It works well, but it's getting a bit
>pricey.  Does anyone know of a cheap, alternative mounting medium for
>fluorescence?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
>Matt McElwee
>Research Specialist
>Department of Surgery
>K4/617 Clinical Science Center
>600 Highland Avenue
>Madison, WI 53792
>(608) 263-7648

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