CD138 and EMA on Ventana

From:Barbara Terrett

Hi everyone,
We are having a puzzling result form some of our CD138 slides which we are 
staining on a Ventana immunostainer. In some tissues (but not all), we are 
getting strong nuclear staining. We do not get this result when we stain by 
hand. The neg. control is neg. Today we had a bone marrow plug biopsey that 
was showing this effect, we have also seen it in tonsil and other lymphoid 
tissue. Blocking does not solve the problem. We need to tinker more with the 
titre and length of staining (Ab) time some more. Has anyone else 
encountered this with CD138?

Another problem we had seems specific to one case so far, but I am sure we 
will see it again. An EMA we did by hand showed good staining of the tumour 
cells, but when done on the Ventana stainer, no matter what we do to it in 
terms of pretreatment, the tumour cells are neg. We have tinkered with 
titre, timing, protease, retrieval at various lengths, and so on. Have 
others had this problem with EMA on Ventana?

Thanks for you assistance.

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