Re: Products of Conception

Jennifer MacDonald and others describe procedures for handling and disposing 
of fetal remains.

This tissue has remarkable abilities to create problems. A pathologist I know 
well has personal knowledge of a case in which anti-abortion crazies took 
patient identification information from the labels of containers with 
identifiable fetal remains, and used it to harass grieving women for killing 
their babies! (The hospital in which this happened does not perform 

I'm also acquainted with a laboratory that provides pathology services for 
abortion clinics. A group of histotechnologists receives the tissue and 
grosses it. If there are identifiable fetal parts, they perform only a gross 
examination. If there are none, they perform a microscopic examination also. 
The technologists sign out the slides with no review by a pathologist. They 
send an occasional doubtful case to a pathologist in another state for 
assistance. I did a locum tenens for this pathologist a few years ago. - A 
nearby funeral home incinerates their accumulated tissue in their crematorium.

I don't want to post identifying information for them on Histonet, but I can 
easily contact either of them.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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