Another opening-


Hey guys-
Where are all the techs?!  I have posted this opening (here and and only got a small response so here it is again:

I need a tech with depth of experience in routine stuff, lab support and
IHC!!  Lots of opportunity to use your knowledge in our busy and growing
clinical lab.  We need help in immuno and our routine stuff is there every
morning waiting for someone to get it done quickly and well--a lot like
everywhere else you've worked but Colorado Springs gets 340 days of sunshine
each year!!!!  We all work days and the more of us there are the fewer
weekends you'll have as we rotate them.  We're getting tired and we need
help with experience!!  Please call or forward a resume...


Penrose/St Francis Hospital

PS.  Phoenix lab in WA State is a neat place to work....ever cut seal skin
or Beluga whale tissue???  And you call yourself a tech?  KIDDING!
 The people are great there, too...but we get more sun:-)
(Denise, I'm homesick---what's the going rate?)

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