Undecalcified bone charges

From:Vicki Kalscheur <kalschev@svm.vetmed.wisc.edu>

     Nancy Weber - 
     In our research setting fees are often part of a funded grant or a 
     collaboration for one of the many faculty I work with. I charge 
     anywhere from $25.00 - $100.00 per block. I do not add in any direct 
     tech time. I attempt to recover my supply charges and a little 
     depreciation on the equipment. It tends to balance out. Often if I am 
     developing a new method I just pick up the charge out of my supply 
     account. Considerations are:size, how many raw slices, PMMA block 
     size, PMMA cuts (microtome or saw), grind? polish? Is there metal or 
     polymer in the sample? Size of slides, stains used, fine detail 
     radiography? Histomorphometry time? Student help? I separate all 
     categories and have a range established. My rates are a bargain for 
     bone histology work! 
      ~ Vicki Kalscheur

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