Re: Xylol.or Xylene..Benzene derivatives

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Xylene IS a benzene derivative - dimethyl benzene!  and it does not lessen
the toxicity of this chemical to use either histological grade versus
analyzed reagent grade. 

We didn't find any difference that one worked better than the other.  If I
have to use xylene, histology grade is purchased in 1 gal bottles, easier
to handle and minimize exposure for dispensing under a chemical fume hood.
The big cans, even with some type of pump, are back breakers, moving, etc.    

My VWR catalog gave some lot analysis for xylene, there is a huge choice of
manufacturers.  You could go to the VWR website for specifics and probably
access MSDS for the ones you want. 
Histological grade contains ethylbenzene, % not given, MSDS might disclose %

One Analyzed Reagent grade had said it contained ethylbenzene, and another
said it contained 25% ethylbenzene.

Case of 4 gal histology grade was ~$102, and the analyzed reagent was ~
twice as expensive.  You can always work a deal with vendors on pricing.

at 09:03 PM 5/15/01 -0600, you wrote:
>Today someone brought to my attention many places are using xylene without
>benzene derivatives.
>Could someone please enlighten me to the quality, and any difference in
>Also how many use Xylene or Xylol in 4 litre containers.
>Thanks once again  for your replys.
>Louise Yarrow
>Foothills Hospital
>Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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