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Hi Susan, I have no personal knowledge on this subject but have saved an
email that may be of help. David

Yes; regularly.

Factor VIII (von Willebrand Factor) - DAKO; Cat. # A008202; Proteinase K
enzyme pretx - 5 min. room temp.; Ab - 1:400 dil. - 30 min. rt

Keratin, Pan; clone Lu-5 - NeoMarkers; Cat. # MS-744-A; Proteinase K
pretx - 5 min. rt; Ab - 1:100 dil. - 30 min. rt (best one for
strongest staining results)

Cytokeratin, broad spectrum; clone MNF116 - DAKO; Cat. # M082101;
K enzyme pretx - 5 min. rt; Ab - 1:600 dil. - 30 min. rt

Cytokeratin, high mol. wt.; clone 34BE12 - DAKO; Cat/ # M063001;
K enzyme pretx - 5 min. rt; Ab - 1:50 dil. - 30 min. rt (squamous, some
ductal epithelium)

Cytokeratin, low mol. wt.; clone NCL5D3 - ICN; Cat. # 69-178-1;
Proteinase K
enzyme pretx - 5 min. rt; Ab - 1:10 dil. made up fresh before each use -
min. rt (simple, glandular epithelium)

LSAB2 kit used for link and label - 15 min. incubations for each
AEC chromogen - 10 min. incubation

If you have any other inquiries about antibodies used on canine tissue,
might be able to help with those, too.  I employ approximately 60
in my lab that cross-react with canine, feline, etc.

Jan Shivers
Univ. of Minnesota
Dept. of Veterinary Diagnostic Medicine
Immunohistochemistry Lab
612-625-1732; 612-624-7297

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Subject: Factor VIII and keratin stain on fixed canine tissue

HI All,
          Is anyone doing Factor VIII and keratin on fixed dog
tissues(livers)? If yes could you share Antibody and antigen retrieval

Thanks Merry X-mas

Jamie Erickson
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Hope it's of use.

David Taylor
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Drs King & Mower
Adelaide, Australia

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