RE: Virus hoaxes, etc.

From:Todd Sherman <>

Hello 'Netters,

Jeffrey Crews was absolutely correct about sulfnbk.exe..."It's apparently a
legitimate part of Windows."

If you check out the Win98 installation disk, you'll find the following
files zipped inside the compressed CD image files:

Windows 98 CD-ROM
SULFNBK.EXE        45,056  05-11-98  8:01p
Windows 98 Second Edition Updates CD-ROM
Sulfnbk.exe        45,056  4/23/1999 10:22:00p

Don't use Win9x personally anymore so I couldn't tell you what the file
does; but don't delete it.  That's not to say this file could never be
corrupted by a virus in the future and have a payload of some sort.  If you
check the size and date of the file, and it matches the file properties
reported by Microsoft, then you're fine.

What a "creative" virus this one is.  No programming required.  The creator
of the original email scares users into purposely sabotaging their own
system.  Social engineering at work.

Regards, Todd

Todd Sherman
IT student

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