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In Sheehan's book - page 46, there is Carson's modified Millonig's
phosphate-buffered formalin. This can be used for EM. Let me know if you
don't have the book. j

Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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	We are currently going through a JCAHO inspection (what a year, CAP,
	and now JCAHO, any one else out there?) Any way, the inspectors went
	the roof when they saw that we have gluteraldehyde.  Now, the
	Safety board is in an up roar.  Why is gluteraldehyde such a dirty
word.  I
	know the general hazards, but is there something new that I might
	missed?  Also, my pathologist wants to know if there is a substitute
	fixative for electron microscopy.  Once again, I thank you for your

	Joe Nocito, B.S., HT(ASCP)QIHC
	Histology Supervisor
	Christus Santa Rosa Hospitals
	San Antonio, Texas 

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