Digital Volumetric Imaging

From:Linda Jenkins <>

Fellow HistoNetters--
	I just finished attending the Southeastern Microscopy Meeting here
at Clemson and saw something that you might want to check out at
<>.  It's about a new digital volumetric imaging system
that looks very promising.  The system is very pricey right now -
can send them a 3mm cube of tissue and for $1,000 dollars they will embed
it in their resin and serially section through the block taking digital
images of the surface of the block.  For ~ $23,000 they will provide you
with the computer and software to stain, view and do histomorphometry on
any part of the section.  The company says they feel it will take the place
of confocal and SEM microscopy.  The microtome and camera are not for sale
at this time (each set-up cost around $500,000!). The thing that impressed
me the most was that you could apply a beautiful H&E stain to the computer
image and they're working on Masson's Trichrome.  Computer generated stains
- what will they think of next?
P.S.  This presentation followed one presented on ethics in
photomicrography - how much enhancement and manipulation is ethical.
Linda Jenkins, HT
Clemson University
Department of Bioengineering

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