Re: ? about Bouins fixative

From:Barry Rittman <>

there will be some differences with staining.
Bouin's fixation, because of the picric acid,  is a coarse precipitant
of proteins so that nuclei will look a little clearer as the nucleic
acids often have a clumped appearance.
When you fix in NBF and then post fix either the block or the sections
before staining, your greatest difference compared to NBF alone will be
that the connective tissues will stain more brilliantly in trichromes
As far as elastin staining goes, I did not notice much difference except
for the differences in degree of shrinkage in tissue as a whole.

I have told my wife that you instructed us all to have a great weekend
and this meant no house cleaning!
Hope you have a really nice weekend.
Barry wrote:

> Hello
> I would like to know if there is any difference with staining results:
> On paraffin sections using any one of these steps.
> 1. If you first fix the tissue in Bouins.
> 2. If you use NBF fixed cut section on a slide in Bouins in an oven
> for 1hr .
> 3. If you use NBF  fixed cut section on a slide in Bouins on the
> countertop
>    overnight.
> I know all three steps will work but will the end result stain better.
> I am using a elestic stain.
> Thank you for any input.
> Have a great weekend
> Sandi Miller HT
> USAMRICD Research
> Maryland

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