Re: RE H pylori

From:Tara Miller <>

We use the toluidine blue/alcian yellow method. Our pathologists like how 
the HP stand out blue against the yellow stained mucin. (And, it makes it 
easier for us techs to check how well our control slide stained too.) There 
are a few other labs that have started using this method after seeing our 
slides. :)

Tara Oakes, HT
Central Dupage Hospital

>Subject: RE H pylori
>Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 20:52:02 -0600
>The pathologist at our hospital would like to know what stain method the
>labs are doing for H pylori.
>Thanks for the feedback I'm sure to receive.
>Louise Yarrow MLT
>Foothills Hospital
>Calgary,Alberta, Canada

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