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 We also demoed (right spelling?) the Dako Horizon and the LabVision
machines. Didn't like the Horizon, fiddly and required special slides etc.
The LabVision was neat and clever  with its  Windows based software but we
found patchy staining was a problem. It didn't seem to always cover the
sections in spite of using detergent in the reagents.

Bob Quilty

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Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2001 10:52 AM
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I was interested in your email to Histonet about immunostainers.
We are about to purchase an immunostainer, and seem to have a similar
workload for immunos as you. I am aware of the Dako and Menarini machines,
but would be grateful for information on any other suppliers.


David Addington-Hall
Lead BMS Histology/Cytology
West Wales General hospital
West Wales

>>> Neuropathology <> 05/01 10:06 am >>>
We demoed a number of immunostainers in 1999 and decided on the Optimax as
the best of the bunch. We took delivery of it November 2000. We don't do a
great number of immunos, varies from 30-60 a week, and the machine only
dropped a pipette once. It is otherwise very reliable and once set up, easy
to program runs. Works a treat with Biogenex liquid DAB which is stable for
up to 8 hours.

Bob Quilty
Dept of Neuropathology
Frenchay Hospital
Bristol, UK.

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Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 12:01 PM
Subject: Immunostainer

> 30/04/01
> Anyone out there with an opinion/comment to make about either the Optimax
> the Labvision immunostainer's as both companies have tendered to supply us
> with an immunostainer as well Ventana.
> many thanks
> Liam Brennan
> Histopathology Dept.
> Belfast City Hospital

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