Re: detergents in antibody diuents

From:Neuropathology <>

 We have used Tween 20 in our antibody diluent at a concentration  of 0.05%
without any problems on both paraffin and frozen sections.

Bob Quilty
Dept of Neuropathology
Frenchay Hospital
Bristol  UK

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Subject: detergents in antibody diuents

> I have seen various concentrations of detergents (Triton X, Tween 20
> etc.) used in primary antibody diluents and wondered if there were any
> guidelines for choosing a particular concentration. Does it depend on
> whether paraffin or frozen sections are used or is it more dependent
> upon the type and concentration of fixative? Also, is there an effect of
> detergent concentration on the ability of sections to adhere to slides?

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