Re: Elmer's Glue Coated Slides etc

From:"J. A. Kiernan" <>

At 04:13 PM 5/8/01 -0500, HOOVER_JENNIFER@LILLY.COM wrote:
>Elmer's Glue. I have never used this technique before so I searched the 
>Histonet Archives and found reference for preparing the slides.  My 
>question is: will the Glue interfer with H&E and T-Blue staining?

That depends on what the glue is. The recent HistoNet exchanges
make it quite clear that nobody knows. You could do some
experiments to see if Elmer-coated slides take up various stains.
If you do, please submit the results to a journal. There may be more
than one kind of Elmer's glue -  and is there anything to stop Elmer 
improving his recipe from time to time, by completely changing the

Every textbook of microtechnique contains instructions for making
section adhesives of known composition.  A textbook costs
as much as 20 or 30 tubes of glue, but even the smallest contains instructions for many, many methods, and often with explanations 
to help you modify procedures to suit your own needs. 

I visited the Eli Lilly labs 15 years ago and was much impressed
by their academic standards and practical attitudes. Unlike a 
money-deprived university they provided everything that was 
needed by their research workers. They will surely buy you two 
dozen needed books (less than $3000 even if paying top prices for 
classics like Gray, Pearse and Lillie in addition to the usual 
$30-$60 items). They will lose more than a few thousand dollars 
if they don't provide the needed books. I wish universities 
understood this simple principle as well as they did before 1980!

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