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Dear Betty
I believe that most labs are using Cyclin D1 (clone DCS-6) for their human
FFPE samples.  Albeit difficult to optimize... (I believe that the most
successful pretreatment invloves pepsin digestion PLUS citrate epitope

Nonetheless, the clone has been licensed from the Danish Cancer Society,
where it was raised and characterized by Dr. Jiri Bartek, well-known for
producing antibodies to cell cycle proteins.  In some of his papers, he
referenced cross reactivity with murine species.  For references, check (medline).

Therefore, any of the suppliers of Cyclin D1, clone DCS-6 (DAKO, Zymed, and,
yes, even us!) should have something that will work for you.  Once you get
the antoby, I caution you to be patient...  Not only is the antibody
difficult to optimize, but tricky to detect (a mouse antibody on mouse/rat
tissue).  I suggest trying several different control blocks.

Best of luck,
Mark V. Corl
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Anyone doing cyclin D1 with mouse and rat tissue.  Would love to know what
antibodies and procedures work well.

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